World Metro Map

214 cities, 5 continents unified in one single map.

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 The history behind the map

The idea was inspired by a 1959 map created by the Architect Constant Nieuwenhuys. He called his idea 'New Babylon.' an imaginary borderless system the size of the entire planet were people can travel without restrictions. (more info here and here )

"The frequency of each man's movements and the distances he will cover depend on decisions he will make spontaneously" -Constant Nieuwenhuys.

The World Metro Map

NewYork based Collective ArtCodeData revised this idea to create a map that represents human mobility. The inner life of cities is made of their subways. What would happened if all the lines in the world would be reunited in a single system. Since the tube is the veins and circulatory system of the 'animal-city' if we gather all those possibilities, we could achieve a total circulatory entity?

The result is a digital collage that contains 214 metro/subway systems. Totaling 791 lines and 11,924 stations . Every line in this map represents lines and stations in the real world, however all the lines are interconnected in a way that they all form a mega subway system. You can create routes from Times Square Station NewYork all the way to  Beijing National Library Station in China.




"Everything should remain possible, everything should be able to happen. The environment is created by the activities of life not the other way around. " -Constant Nieuwenhuys (1)



The map comes in 2 different sizes, 40x30 and 60x45, size A is the perfect size for rooms and studios, size B is perfect for living rooms and meeting rooms. Both A and B sizes can be encapsulated with museum quality materials to keep them perfect for years ahead.








“Cid’s team created imaginary transfer points that could only exist in dreams.”

- Wired

“His illustrations imagined a nomadic future where people...wander a borderless Earth.”

- Tech Insider

“From Paris to Guangzhou, San Juan and Sacramento, each transit line forms an invaluable link in an international travel grid”

- Cool Hunting

“Zoom in on the map...and use your fingers to trace the route that leads you to your dream destination”

- City Lab

“intricate lines that tie us all together across the world.”

- Travel + Leisure

“Forget Hyperloop. This subway would take you from Manhattan to Tokyo with just a quick transfer in Paris.”

- FastCoDesign